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There’s times I wish I could go back to when I was 12. With no worries in the world. Back when I was still able to hug my dad and tell him I love him and see him everyday. I want those days back when he would watch me play my favorite sport and be my #1 fan. I wish these days never ended. There’s days that this feeling hits me really hard. I don’t know why, but I just wish you would be there to comfort me. It’s not fair that I get to see you and your parents still together, heathy and free. It’s not fair that I have to love the rest of my life without a father. It’s not fair that no one understand what I have gone through and it’s not fair that no one helps me through it.
I fuckin hate that I can’t see my own father anymore and it’s so fucking unfair that he is gone. No family should have to go through this, but of course we did. Fuck this. Fuck everything. I’m so done hurting over this. 7 years and I’m still depressed and no one seems to notice….

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